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About Us

About Synergy

Synergy is the completion of a dream birthed in the heart of Doctor Mike Harrison in the early 1980s. At that time, Doctor Mike was the Pastor of a local church called Agape Church. It was his heart’s desire to see strong leaders in congregations in the community and around the world. Doctor Mike started Agape Bible Institute, which trained leaders from across the region, for over twelve years. Dozens of churches and para church ministries came out of this Bible College. He also helped to form several successful Bible Schools in other places as well.

In 2006, Doctor Mike moved his ministry headquarters to Palm Desert, California where he began building a powerful church. This church demonstrates a shift in Doctor Mike’s understanding of church-planting. The church has exploded to over 400 people in only two and a half years through this newfound model of leadership. He is focused on a new generation.

After partnering with his pastor, Doctor Stephen Vickers, Doctor Mike felt a stir to launch a school of ministry, not only in Palm Desert, California, but in local churches across the globe. Going after the new generation is a key factor in his new successful church plant; therefore, the decision was made to consult the new generation about changing the name of the school. Everyone settled on “Synergy.”

Synergy means, “two or more things working together to accomplish something that otherwise couldn’t be attained alone.” The idea of Synergy is profound. One draft horse can pull around 8,000 pounds. Another horse in the same stable can also pull about 8,000 pounds. But if you hook them up side by side, they feed off of each other’s energy and work as a team to pull around 24,000 pounds. It has yet to be seen what can happen if we attain real Synergy in the greatest force on the earth - the Church!

Synergy Is Affordable

Because we want to see the Kingdom of God advance, we offer each Synergy class for $100. That includes your registration, books and all course materials. If you'd like to register for Synergy at any of our campuses click here.

Academic Term Information

Courses are for 4 weeks only, on Monday nights from 6:00-8:00pm.

Students may audit courses, eliminating the need to do assignments.

If you'd like to register for Synergy at any of our campuses click here.