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President Mike Harrison

Welcome To Synergy

We believe that you are here because of your positive response to God’s call on your life. In the days ahead, both God and the Synergy family will stand beside you and encourage you to expand your skills and knowledge of the ministry God has placed in your heart.

It is the standard of Synergy that all students be involved in some capacity in the ministry of their local church. We must have a signed recommendation letter from your pastor. Each trimester, Synergy will send a survey to your pastor or church ministry leader to ensure faithfulness in attendance and to report on your area of involvement. We are excited at the opportunity to join together with you to help you fulfill God’s plan for your life.

Three Branches Of Synergy School Of Ministry

  • Systematic Theology

    This branch offers 8 courses on the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

  • Character Building

    This branch of Synergy offers 8 courses on building the inner person through spiritual development.

  • Practical Ministries

    This branch offers 8 courses on applying the truths of scripture in your local church.

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